About Us


The Perfect Fit

Our goal is to provide the perfect addition to your family.  We don't think there should have to be a choice between temperament, health and looks. We have carefully selected Golden Retrievers from around the world in order to make that a reality.  


It's a Lifestyle

At Lake Country Goldens, dogs are our life and we are fully invested into providing you the right dog for yours!  Our puppies are born in our house and raised by our sides in the West Michigan countryside, just down the road from Lake Michigan.  You might notice that most of our photos are in fields and woods, walking paths and playing in the grass. This is our life and we'd love to send a bit of it home with you!


It Takes Patience

No pressure. We only want the right fit.  You wont feel like you are at a car dealership when you contact us about our goldens.  We understand how big of a decision this is and want to help you make the right choice for your family and our puppies.  Our dogs are bred with specific color, temperament and genetics in mind. We realize that they aren't the right fit for every family and lifestyle.  Take your time, ask questions, do your homework and then let us know which pup is your favorite and we will figure out how to get them to your home :)  If we aren't the right fit, no worries.  We are just glad you checked us out and we hope you got some joy from seeing our beautiful furry friends!  We hope you will follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get your weekly dose of adorable!