Faithful Friend (aka Rex) and his brother Henry have found their families!  Their brother Charlie will be available soon (See video below. We will get pictures up soon).  Please send us an email or fill out the contact form near the bottom of the AVAILABLE PUPS or HOME pages for more information.  

Lake Country Faithful Friend


This beautiful English cream golden retriever male wants to be by your side. He is always looking for direction from his companion and is eager to please. He is high energy but is super smart and wants to put his energy to use doing as you wish. He is a Canine Good Citizen, trained on basic commands and is very good on and off leash. Send us an email for more information!

Charlie video

Here is a video of Rex's brother Charlie having some fun.  Check back soon for pictures!

Faithful Friend Videos

Here is a quick look at our sweet golden retriever boy on our morning walk. He very intelligent and motivated and is trained on some basic commands as you will see in the video.